June 10, 2017

let's talk rustic & vintage, with a hint of industrial

yes, finally! this display has been ready for years, including this blogpost about it, but I really wanted to show the scene - well technically it's 2 - at once and still needed to make the lampshade and finish the legs of the 'glass' table. Both required things I could not do until recently and wanted to take advantage of that of course. Enjoy!

April 16, 2017

butterfly palm - tiny update..

hi again my dear mini-friends, sorry for the long silence! Not even visited your blogs, except for a few some time ago when I had the chance.. Not because I lost interest: I always LOVE to see what you're all up to and what wonderful things y'all make. But

December 25, 2016

a tiny white world..

hi there! later than planned with the first Christmasday already more than halfway over (yes I know, the Netherlands is the only country - or one of the few countries - that have 2 Christmasdays :D) I'd like to share with you this miniature working snowglobe I made.

snow definitely not being a likelihood any time soon in the Netherlands, this Christmas I'll just enjoy the tiny white world within this snowglobe 😁. And a little video to go with it.

November 11, 2016


there are a number of things in my life the past few months really worth celebrating and I felt like doing that with a modest party mini-style!

September 20, 2016

about inspiration, creativity & tips, PART III of VII

hi again my dear minifriends, it's part III of my series! If you've read the first 2 parts, you might have been waiting for some concrete tips after all the wordy stuff ;). It took a while to publish although it had been ready for ages. As you might remember it's part of a major post I wrote last year and split it up in 7 pieces, hence the title. This part only needed a few photo's of materials that I finally got to make.

today I'd like to share with you the first tip that might be of help to some of you. It consists of several tips and hints, but I think comes down to one principal, which is why I call it tip one. It covers basic stuff, but I think quite essential for getting the best results.
if you missed it, you can go to PART I and PART II by clicking the link and the parts up until now will also be in the tab 'Inspiration' added above. All 7 parts will be there in time for easy finding.